May 13th, 2018

Portland Timbers

Today we got hot-weather practice

Spring seems to want to imitate summer right now. Portland had a high-80s day today. It also had a Portland Timbers-Seattle Sounders game downtown at Providence Park, and that field with its turf gets hot. As in 100°-plus today on the field (not in the stands). A lot of the game seemed low-energy, maybe partly due to the heat, but the Timbers picked up late in the game and YES GOT A GOAL THE GAME-WINNING GOAL. Phew. It wasn't a pretty win — The Beautiful Game isn't always pretty — but, WIN. Yes.

I was home, which has been reasonably cool. Because I cleaned the bathroom today, and didn't do so until this afternoon (after the game), I didn't bother to shower and am unclean at the moment. Which means tomorrow's shower will be extra-nice.

(If this had been a TED Talk, I'd've caused a riot. Or at least a lot of demands for people to get their money back.)