May 14th, 2018

NCC-1701 Nebula 1


Oregon is one of the places in the U.S. with an election tomorrow. Primaries for party members, non-partisan elected positions plus levies for anyone who votes. I voted on Saturday, and dropped off my ballot at an official ballot drop box at the library nearest to me.

I've done vote-by-mail since the late 1990s; my fellow Oregonians voted it into law in 1998. I think I didn't vote in a few local elections since I became eligible, but I try to make sure I do each election since, including every federal election since 1992. 1996 was the last time I voted in a federal election in a booth, set up at a public hall in Dundee, Oregon. I walked there. I felt good about that. I think (and hope) I had a list of who and what I was voting for; winging a vote is a really bad idea. But with vote-by-mail, you can take your time to decide.

For this election, I didn't have a physical copy of the voters' guides as I usually do, but they were easy to find online. (One for my state, one for my county.) I read statements, I looked at some endorsements, I filled in circles. I was clear. No chance for hanging chads.

*thinks of 2000 election* *cringes*

Anyway. I use a handy service my county provides: County Elections can track your ballot for you. I've gotten emails letting me know 1) they'd received it, then 2) they'd accepted it. I got those emails today, three hours apart. Next, they'll count it.

This is doable. I really hope more parts of the U.S. will, eventually (soon), do vote-by-mail too.

Meanwhile, I've gotten practice for the next election...and the next one...and the next election... (Don't miss others, Chris...)