May 24th, 2018

Summer Me

"It's OK, that's not the train we're taking."

Impromptu visit Wednesday! Alicia was up from Eugene with her mom, and I could spend the day with her. Alicia had let me know Tuesday afternoon, when she got offered going on the road trip; was I available? I was.

Her mom dropped her off at Powell's Books downtown in the middle of the day, and we had several hours to fill and kill. We stopped for snacks and our initial catching-up in the Powell's café, then we got going via Streetcar. Before rendezvousing with her, I'd double-checked how to buy a fare at a Streetcar station, since I hadn't done that before. Even with checking, I was slow at buying her fare (TriMet all-say pass, to give us maximum flexibility) and a Streetcar pulled up and out while I did so. Luckily I checked and it wasn't on the route we wanted.

"It's OK, that's not the train we're taking," I said, I hope reassuringly.

We rode over Tillikum Crossing, the bridge that opened in 2015, and walked over to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Alicia treated me to a ticket. And go put herself a ticket, too, otherwise she wouldn't be having fun. We visited special exhibits about robots and about what's found in permafrost, and walked over to the U.S.S. Blueback, OMSI's submarine. We didn't joyride in it.

Lunch was next, and at my suggestion we hopped back on the Streetcar and went to the bar/diner/greasy spoon My Father's Place. Happily, Alicia really liked her burger. (Huh: I think I have somehow not yet eaten a burger there. I'll correct that!) And I liked my quesadilla. Then up to a bus stop, onto a conveniently-timed # 20 bus to downtown, and back to Powell's so she could shop. She'd waited so that she wouldn't have to schlep books around.

Her mom then found us, and because she didn't want to leave Portland until rush hour had died down, she took my suggestion of where to go for a light dinner. We drove north from near Powell's into the Pearl, and I knew of a place that'd work, Urban Pantry, because my friend Mary-Suzanne had recommended it (it's owned by someone she used to work with). Light dinners for the two of them, a drink for me, since I was far more thirsty than hungry,

All this on a warm, sunny day, but one where we got enough doses of cooler air in stores, trains, cars and restaurants to keep comfortable. Then they dropped me off near a bus stop I could take to get back to where I live, and they got back to the places they live.