May 26th, 2018

Portland Timbers

I saw goats, and now you can, too

Soon there will be news about the Belmont Goats. The owners are preparing to move the herd, as the site next to the Wattles Boys & Girls Club (SE 92nd and Harold) will start to be developed this summer. I made sure to visit them Friday evening — watching through the fence, as the site was closed to visitors at the time — and today. I wandered, then sat at the main shelter, with my tablet available to take pictures. Enough of the goats were cranky that they were wearing red bandannas, the herd's signal that you should give those goats their space, but plenty of them were friendly.

Here are some of them.

Bailey, one of the older goats. Also the only one who was "debudded," where her horns were removed (by her previous owners).

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