May 27th, 2018

Oregon Coast 1

It will be worth a wait.

Now I have Twin Peaks: The Return. Yesterday, after visiting the Belmont Goats, I got the DVD set. (I looked for it and didn't find it at the Mall 205 Target and the Gateway Fred Meyer before I got on TriMet and went to the Happy Valley Best Buy, where it was available. I'd wanted to buy it in person, not via Amazon.)

I've put it on a part of my bookshelf where I usually won't see it.

And I'll wait.

Watching the revival of one of my favorite TV shows of all time, a show that messed with me in great ways (and sometimes maddening ways, like in its so-uneven second season in 1990-91), is going to be a treat. This is because as with other shows that aren't the handful of shows I'm watching as they air*, I plan not to watch the new Twin Peaks until I've gotten full-time work again. In other words, shows I could binge-watch, like The Wire or my planned rewatch of Leverage, will wait until I binge-watch them later.

For the same reason, I haven't bought a drink in a while. I like drinks (in moderation, I've been good about that), and I look forward to my next one. Eventually.

Meanwhile, Twin Peaks waits to mess with me anew.

* Those shows are the "Arrowverse" programs on The CW — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning — Fox's Empire and The Orville (plus some of Brooklyn 99), and CBS's Survivor, which just ended its latest season.