May 31st, 2018

NCC-1701 Nebula 2

Light, Delivered To Me

I've reached the couple of months of the year where the sun is far north enough in the sky at sunrise and sunset to be visible from the one, north-facing window in my bedroom.

It's not enough to give me a sunburn, thank goodness; it's simply more light, reaching parts of where I live that don't usually get light.

As I've grown older, I've appreciated more and more having more light late in the day. And during that time, I've trended northward in where I've lived: Southern California is south of Virginia Beach, which is south of Fairfax County, which is south of Oregon. (Latitude-wise, I mean. I know how east and west work.) Though I haven't yet lived as far north as London, and its more extreme differences in the length of days. I've yet to deal with sunsets at 3:00. I wonder if I'd trouble with them.

(p.m., I mean. 3 p.m. Huh, if sunset happened at 3 a.m., something would have gone horribly wrong...)

Today's been mostly to partly cloudy — we had rain forecast, but it didn't reach my part of Portland — so we got some light, not as much as we could have had, but enough for the sun rays to get in here.

There. Some thoughts on light.