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June 16th, 2018

From Tuesday through Friday, I was housesitting in Beaverton, on a friend's behalf. And it was a good, needed reminder: Oh, "walking distance" is different in a suburb. Yep, 18 years of living in Portland, and not living in a suburb since 1992, can make me forget.

Luckily, my friend let me use her vehicle, and I appreciated the chance to drive. I settled in at the house Tuesday night then drove out for groceries; on Wednesday I drove to help my friend's dad with an errand, plus get lunch from a Tigard gyro place neither of us had tried before (two thumbs up for Blazin' Gyros on Highway 99W); Thursday, I indulged myself by going to a doughnut place I hadn't been to before. Another friend years ago suggested I try Donuts Plus, on Cornell near Sunset High School. I had three doughnuts and a large coffee, and a fun visit with the owner, a Korean immigrant who'd founded the original Donuts Plus in Dallas, TX in 1981 before moving here. (He was surprised by my speaking voice and said, smilingly, that I reminded him of how Hugh Grant spoke in Notting Hill. Gee, I thought I sound like Mike Judge not using his Texas accent...)

All this was easier and quicker thanks to a vehicle. I made sure not to use it too much, though: no impromptu Coast trip! Thursday night I walked to the nearest shopping center to have dinner at Taco Bell, and oh: it was farther than I'd expected. At least I was more hungry once I got there.

Things at the house were nice and quiet, too. I'd hoped they'd be.

Getting home last night turned out to be a production, and that was partly because I decided to detour to the N. Mississippi Ave. comic shop I shop at, not knowing that ALL THE TRAFFIC WAS BETWEEN ME AND DOWNTOWN. Slow trip home, especially through the car-choked Rose Quarter, slow enough that I stopped for dinner in the downtown McDonalds. I had half an hour to wait for my last bus of the day, but at least I could eat. (I should have taken buses through NE and SE and avoided downtown completely, I probably would have gotten home quicker, but I didn't think to.)