July 7th, 2018


It's a car again! It's not a piece of static site-specific sculpture!

I have a functioning car.

I didn't for a while. It had issues that meant in early 2017 I drove it less and less often, then one time last summer the engine shut off WHILE I WAS DRIVING, which (rightfully) scared me, then after being even more gingerly with it, its battery drained and it couldn't drive at all.

Two Tuesdays ago, things escalated. Annoyingly, some random person broke one of its windows. Grr. Argh. For other reasons I was already going to have to move it, but, grumpily, I contacted a dealership and a tow service.* The car got picked up that Wednesday morning, then waited at the dealership because its service bay got busy. Was it fixable? More to the point, was it fixable for a price that would not be thousands of dollars?

It was fixable for hundreds of dollars. PHEW.

I picked up the car yesterday afternoon, just over a week after delivering it (again, busy, plus the holiday in the meantime). I deliberately went driving on a roundabout route, mainly to test it. (And mere blocks from the dealership I had to stop for a pedestrian crossing against the light, because I'm not going to be the asshole who hurts someone, EVEN SOMEONE IN THE WRONG FREAKIN' PLACE, right after fixing it!) I felt out how the car was running, and was relieved that it behaved. It's nothing sporty, it's never going to win rewards or races, but it does its job.

Without getting into too many other details, the car needs more work, but it will now be easier to get it that work.

* A very me-detail: the dealer gave me the names of two towing services. I didn't go with the one whose website used "it's" where it should have been "its."