July 10th, 2018

Captain Kris W'lash

Driving Lessons

Reminding myself:

There will be bad drivers. There will be careless drivers. There will be thoughtless drivers. I've dealt with them before. (I've been them before.)

I can still drive carefully, because as before, I want to be sure that anyone else's stupid driving doesn't lead to me driving stupidly.

Tonight, I drove, first to go to a car wash so I could vacuum out the car, then to drive and to practice. I had no particular route planned; I mainly wanted to avoid too much rush hour traffic. Meant I wound up on some weird detours ("Oh, that road doesn't go through") and some side roads, but things worked out. I trended east, then south (near Willamette National Cemetery), then west — winding up in Milwaukie — then north. Including another stretch on SE 82nd, because I can use practice on a major thoroughfare.

Felt good to do this.

(I considered the title "To Drive!" but decided that was too mock-dramatic even for me.)