July 27th, 2018

I listen

Get the Led in

Music education. I'm getting more of it. Until recently, I'd never listened to a full album by Led Zeppelin. Also, I'd noticed that, often, I'd bounced off of the Zep radio singles that are still all over radio; the band seemed not to do much for me. But I've decided to test that.

A few days ago I borrowed on the Hoopla app 1969's Led Zeppelin; last night I borrowed Led Zeppelin II, also from 1969. A few thoughts so far:

• I prefer the first album to the second. Significantly.

• The cut from Led Zeppelin I that I probably best respond to: "Your Time Is Gonna Come."

• This has been true for years: I have trouble taking seriously the second album's track "Ramble On." Having Gollum and Sauron steal away a woman? Giving Gollum a sex life? I can see Smeagol (pre-ring Smeagol, understand) having a sex life. Not Gollum. Yes, this is a hangup I have about a famous song.

• I now wish Robert Plant and Janis Joplin had had a chance to do a duet.