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October 11th, 2018

What's good

Things that should work, things that recently worked, weren't working this morning. Not how I wanted to start the day. I dwelled on this. (You know I can dwell.) I was doing the :-/ expression.

I did what I could to get past this, to (I hoped) get over this. So I did stuff. I walked, first stopping at the grade school about eight blocks from the house to drop off my most recent collection of Box Tops For Education. Then I walked farther and got to the Woodstock library. Certain online things are easier to do on a desktop than on a tablet, and I did some of those things.

Then dinner: pasta with sausage added to the sauce. Makes it more filling, and more satisfying, especially if you like sausage.

And I made sure to think of other things that were working, that were good, that I could feel nice about. Here's a partial list:

• I'm reading Douglas Adams essays, from the collection The Salmon of Doubt. Some of that I read while walking, as I like to do. His perspective and phrasing are soothing to me.

• The Moon is back in the sky; tonight I caught the sliver of a crescent.

• We currently get good views early at night of Mars.

• I've been getting fed okay.

• I can borrow several David Bowie albums digitally via Hoopla. (I just borrowed Hunky Dory, which has "Changes" and "Life On Mars?")

• I can still think, and write, and be clever.

There. A little more affirmed.