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November 5th, 2018

That was quietly epic...

In my dream last night, I walked. A lot. I mean a lot. Starting in parts of Northeast Oregon I recognize from when I lived in Hermiston, but somehow I knew I needed to keep going so I walked and I walked and I walked...

...until I was in a cold, dark place and needed shelter and a place to sleep, and luckily in the dark I found one, snuck into a bunk room where I could sleep, and tried to sleep but wondered Where am I? Am I going to shock or anger someone here? Is this some sort of convalescent home for people? And it wasn't...

...because I had somehow walked all the way to Alaska and had stumbled upon, and snuck into, a science installation. Once it was morning, I (again, in my dream) opened blinds on a window and saw huge, white-drenched mountains. And, inside, surprised but somewhat bemused science staffers, who started to discuss how they'd get me home.

(For some reason, I overheard that one of the staffers was Malia Obama, but my dream-self did not meet her.)