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November 13th, 2018

Two drives today. TWO, two, ah-ah-ah.

Erm. Excuse me.

Anyway, two trips by car. A morning run to treat myself to pancakes, breaded pork chops and hot chocolate at the Original Hot Cake and Steak House, the venerable 24-hour diner near my former neighborhood, with a detour on the way home to get a book from one library branch; and then a second trip. I got back to Estacada, where I haven't been for a few years. It's southeast of Portland; it was one of the towns you could reach from Portland by electric trolley in the early 20th century. The 1997 film version of The Postman and, more recently, the Librarians episode "The Fables of Doom" shot in and near the town.

I'd been to Estacada before, but not to the river park next to it, Milo McIver State Park. I'd been meaning to go there, and today was a good day to do so. I hiked a bit, watched streams and rivers, saw the body of a dead salmon near the shore and hoped it died of natural causes, and visited the Clackamas Hatchery. Chinook salmon and steelhead are raised there. And now I want fish, but then I usually want fish. I also visited a view overlooking River Mill Dam, a little upstream of the Hatchery and the other viewpoints I was at. Looking at the dam felt a little like looking at an optical illusion; it changes the shape of the river so much.

After the park, I got over into Estacada proper (I hadn't gone into the town earlier), shopped at the town's Dollar General store — it's one of a handful of that chain's stores in Northwest Oregon — then went to a downtown café to have a satisfying chicken noodle soup and a blended iced tea/lemonade. Then back to the house, bracing driving at night.

If you want to see pictures, about two dozen of them are on this entry on my Facebook page.


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