November 18th, 2018

Good Omens

Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings didn't live to learn this truth.

The Universe: Some Information to Help You Live in It, Poetry Subsection
by Christopher Walsh, 10/14/2018-11/17/2018

A world never expressed well poetically
Was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
It was a universe that, aesthetically,
Perhaps at core (genetically?),
Was ill-suited to poetry, perhaps pathetically
So: the only poetry was bad. Cosmically,
Vogon or Asgoth poetry could kill, energetically.
Could good poems not exist? Hypothetically,
Perhaps. Like the Question and Answer, near-magnetically
Repelling each other so that, theoretically,
They couldn't co-exist, the good is hermetically
Sealed from that universe. (I write of this apologetically.)
Except when Marvin sang melancholically,
So at least the world was expressed lyrically,
No poems you'd want to hear, said phonetically,
Or Alphabetically,
Came from that galaxy. Unfortunately.

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Sally Salt Disgusted

Damnit, subconscious

I'm both a little annoyed and slightly amused when I wake up from dreams and feel I should apologize.

That happened this morning. Dream-Me, while doing other things*, did one particular thing that both A) bothered a friend and B) freaked out a friend of that friend, so my friend told me "What you did? Don't do that." That it was something I don't do in reality wasn't enough of an explanation.

I try to behave well, when awake and when sleeping, because even my dream-self doesn't seem to let me enjoy behaving badly.

At least the dream had of all things an Idiocracy reference (yes, some drink had electrolytes)** so I was at least amused.

* Part of the time while either naked or semi-naked, as so many anxiety or anxiety-adjacent dreams have you do...

** I haven't yet seen Idiocracy, even. But I do have the DVD and know it a bit from reputation.