January 11th, 2019

Sally Salt Disgusted

I would've LIKED to go outside but...

Hi. This may be a whining post.

I realized while at work yesterday that I was a little sick — sore throat and slightly unsettled stomach. I was careful to get plenty of fluid, not talk too much (I mainly moved cars and only occasionally checked in customers dropping theirs off) and watch my progress, and got home feeling relieved that I didn't feel wiped out. But I still felt off for the rest of the night.

This morning I took it reasonably easy, and rested (never napped, though). Finally come afternoon I felt ready to shower, and I got well-scrubbed and dressed.

Again, I would have liked to go out, but the body was saying Nope, stay and later, the gusty winds that had been forecast reached Portland. Staying inside, warm, and un-blown by the wind seems a good idea.

And I'm feeling better. Plus I have more appetite (yay!) and I'm getting laundry done, including what I was wearing while sick.

Out tomorrow? I hope. And mmmmmmmmaybe.