January 31st, 2019

I listen

My near-mistake, let me show you it

Earlier this month, I was sick and trying not to go out. (Though there were a few days where I thought I wasn't sick so I did go out but I was still sick so I got sicker but I digress. Also I'm healthy again now.) Then I realized that someone I know was still going out (yay being healthy!), and I thought: Why not let them borrow my TriMet card for the day? They could get around on my fare, I'd get closer to earning the monthly pass — the way my TriMet MyHop Card works, you can't outright buy a monthly pass, instead you can spend what a monthly pass would cost then use it until you've done a certain number of bus and MAX trips, then the rest of your trips that month are free — everyone wins, right?

Then I remembered, thankfully before I suggested it, that the MyHop card keeps tracks of your travels on TriMet. My record of buses and MAX trains I'd gotten on would have included the buses and MAX trains they would have gotten on. And suddenly I felt creepy and I didn't suggest it.

I sometimes think that I'd be either a really bad stalker or a really good one, and the thing is, I don't WANT to be one. At all.

There. I've cleared a low, low bar for being a good person.
Berthold Run

A hectic work week

Sometimes my job is nuts. This week has had concentrated nuttiness. I also started this week with a deliberately short weekend, one day instead of two, because I worked an extra day shift last Friday (usually my first day off; I work Sundays-Thursdays), and that may have added to the nuttiness.

How's this for an adrenaline starter? Be stopped at an airport garage exit gate in a car you're bringing down for a customer, and have to reverse because the pickup in front of you starts reversing with no warning. That happened. No one hit anyone, thank everything. (I also honked the car's horn. A little more protection: Hey! Don't forget about me, I'm right here!)

Other than the above, though, this work week ended well. And now I have my weekend.