February 15th, 2019

TOS: NCC-1701


Day One of what should be a full two-day weekend for me is done. Weather was calmer than it had been previously this week; late morning, Portland even got some cloud breaks, and seeing the sun even just briefly felt good. So did having the house to myself with options to go...wherever, including Not The House and Not Work.

Those other places included a neighborhood coffee shop, then a bus ride into downtown, so I could go to the Central Library for the first time in a while. (On the bus there, an adorable baby with vivid and I mean vivid red hair was sleeping, while traveling with their mom. I didn't take a picture, as I'd've been rude, but: cute!) Plus some simple wandering through parts of downtown, at my own pace (and with a stop at the Transit Mall McDonald's). Then another bus home.

Unlike last Saturday, when I got called into work, I should have this Saturday to myself. Feels luxuriant.