March 1st, 2019


A death. Damnit, a death.

Someone I know is now someone who's gone.

This morning I learned that on Wednesday, someone I met through LiveJournal took their life. I'd known them for years, through a lot of their struggles. They lived with depression, and tried to soldier through with humor and work (they wrote and wrote and wrote), and now: they're not here.

I am processing. I'm sure what has happened hasn't fully hit me yet. My feelings at the moment are, honestly, confused. This is partly why I am not naming the person at the moment. I don't know what to say. I'm not (yet) posting this to the other places I post online; I need to think, not seek feedback from people who didn't know the person I know.

I need to think about them. I need to think about, and remember, this person. Because goddamnit, they deserve better than this.