March 18th, 2019


A small thing, but: 👍🏻

I work outside. It's still mostly cold most of the time I work, so the company provides a coat I can wear over my uniform. Midday today, it was finally warm enough that I could work without the coat, so I set mine aside on a chair. At the end of my shift I picked up my coat, but I wasn't sure at first if I'd picked up mine because something was missing. That missing thing was the one sure sign that the coat was mine: the pack of gum I keep in one pocket. I decided on the best way to clear up if it was mine, and put it on, checked on the pockets. Oh: there it was, in a different pocket.

My best guess is, someone had needed to move my coat and when they did, the pack of gum fell out, they saw it, and stuck it in a pocket so my stuff was still accounted for. Meaning someone was both a) paying attention and b) being conscientious with my stuff.

Quite a few of my previous jobs, I wouldn't have expected people to do that. Hell, one job I had for three years, a co-worker stole the coat I had at the time, and we never caught who did. (That was a bright yellow coat, too. Bright. Yellow.)

It's a small thing, but: thank you, whoever made sure I still had my gum.