March 23rd, 2019

Blow My Mind

Jinx it

I'm not proud of this:

I feel I've been limiting what I write here. Over-limiting, I mean. Making this blog, 15 years (!) into its existence, too circumscribed.

I don't write about the house where I live, because I want to respect the privacy of my housemates/landlords. Nor do I write about large swathes of my job, and that's different than before on other jobs, which I blogged about a fair amount (and more than this). I'm not going to blog about gross stuff, and you're welcome. I definitely don't lie.

But I think that at some level, if I talk about certain things right now, I'll jinx them.

In other words, I'm feeling more superstitious. Which I don't like.

Don't worry, there's no Deep Hidden Secret which I'm dancing around. There's no code. Secret codes by me would be either too esoteric or way, way too obvious. Mainly I wanted to acknowledge that...this seems to be happening.


Meanwhile, general "here's what's up" blogging: I relaxed again today. Coffee shop time, then a walk to the library for more computer time (desktop! Which is an easier way to do certain things online), plus borrowing more stuff. (The film Justice League and, years after friends who are Metallica fans suggested I try it, Metallica's The Black Album.) And a drive, to the Stadium Fred Meyer for a substantial grocery shopping trip. Portland got rained on during this, sometimes with the sun still shining through cloud breaks, so I got a brief glimpse of rainbow on my way back.

Also I replenished the time on my cell phone, after its online function stopped working and I was concerned that some weird problem had happened to the antenna...when nope, I'd just run out of data. (I'd come within five texts of running out of texts, too.) I can still text, talk, and get online from the phone now!

I'll close with this thought, maybe one I'll expand on later:

Remember how telling these two things are about you:
1) what makes you laugh,
2) what makes you angry.