April 16th, 2019

Flavored Calories.

The pleasure of ice water

I have a nice tumbler that I take to work. Depending on the day and/or the time of day, it's filled with either water or coffee. It being both Portland and an airport, there are plenty of coffee options, including a few mug-refill options. (Not the in-airport convenience store that has just a Keurig machine, because I find Keurig cups wasteful and don't use them. Though I'm tempted, because that store has drinking broth.)

But here's what I hadn't done so far at this job: had ice water. I haven't wanted to, because my part of the world's been, until fairly recently, cold. But! Now it's occasionally warmish. And I'm fond of ice water. It can be very satisfying. So, today I finally got around to going to one of the restaurants on this side of airport security (Panda Express; I wanted a fairly cheap lunch) and asked "Can I get this filled with ice?"

Now to see where else in PDX I can get the ice I crave...)

(Using my one food-related icon even though ice water is not calories, technically not flavored, and not food.)