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April 17th, 2019

A case of the Me-No-Wannas

I've been tired. I've been avoiding sone work I'd needed to do. (I could say I've been "avoid-y!") Bad combo; it meant I kept putting off that needed work. Earlier this week, that work included finishing and mailing my taxes; at least that got done. Today, after work, when I was pretty wrung out from the end of what's been an extra-busy time at work (with lots of overtime, including working part if all of the past three Fridays), I got back to the house, rested a bit, then chugged a soda and ate popcorn and got going on a cleaning job I'd needed to do.

That cleaning job is, um, partly done. It does make sense to finish it tomorrow. Okay, it's written, that means I can't avoid it without being (and looking like) a jerk.

There. Maybe I'm now a little more honest.