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May 18th, 2019


Two Belmont Goats, chillin'.

A Belmont Goats day

It's been a few months since the Belmont Goats moved to North Portland's University Park neighborhood. Longer trip for me, and I hadn't done that for a bit. I corrected that today, and hung out with the herd. Weather cooperated — partly cloudy, dry until I was almost home a few hours later — and I, as I'm wont to do, got photos.


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...this time of Juniper, the chicken that the herd adopted because somebody dropped Juniper off at their original Belmont location. (Disclaimer: DO NOT DO THIS, it's stressful on the animals and unfair to them, and other animals that have been dropped off at Belmont Goats' homes have had to be re-homed.)

Juniper was in a playful mood today, as I understand it. Burrowing, to her, is fun. She's also well-fed at the moment — this morning one of the people who works with the Goats pulled up a stump the goats' people don't usually pull up for Juniper, and there were some particularly long worms she was able to eat — and she's been laying quite a few eggs lately. I hope she (and the rest of the herd) keep doing well.