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June 1st, 2019

Zoo Nooz, from staff photographer Me

I was at the zoo, a week and a day ago.

I don't get to the Oregon Zoo much, though it's easy to get to and visit. So that was what I did Friday, May 24th. I'd posted videos from the day — here are several of them on my Facebook — but this morning I finally got around to editing the pictures and putting them onto LiveJournal.

Here we go.



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This sums it up:

"I mostly avoided annoyances today! 👍🏻"

Today had the chance to be annoying. I anticipated that, I adjusted for that, I adjusted further as the day went on, and with the exception of having to listen to a two-notches-too-loud conversation on the bus home at day's end (some people have no Inside Voice, argh), I mostly kept away from what had the chance to annoy me.

Today was also an extra, and unusual, shift at work: modified swing, as we were short in that time slot. Good that I finished my work in time to get home at a manageable hour (i.e. not midnight) and, I hope, sleep enough to be ready for my regular shift tomorrow morning.