July 5th, 2019

Star Wars - Fly away...

Had things gone as planned...

...I couldn't be writing a blog entry right now because I would have been working an extra shift. A swing shift, unlike my usual day shift. I'd asked for the shift today, and I'd asked a few days before, to give me and my supervisors time to plan for this.

Circumstances changed, and they didn't need me for today's day shift. So today has been a day off. As Fridays for me usually are.

So day-off-y things occurred. Bussing downtown to make an ATM stop, then walking through parts of downtown I typically don't get to as often. Seeing the bustle of people and vehicles, and the areas which are changing: a half-block slated for demolition here, a redone storefront for a seemingly closed Cameron's Books (BUT STILL IN FACT OPEN, PHEW) there. A six-story building going up on the block where, from December 2009 to October 2012, Big-Ass Sandwiches first parked its cart. It was cloudy and cool, as summer in Portland can be for a surprisingly long chunk of summer, but I was still in shorts.

I then bussed more, heading up East Burnside to wander the neighborhood near 28th Ave. before treating myself at Fifty Licks, an ice cream spot. That's Fifty Licks's second location (the original is on SE Clinton St. just off of 21st), and for some reason one of the few spots in Portland where you can get Cubano coffee. That was a treat. (I followed it with a small sugar cone's worth of strawberry ice cream, and that was good, too.)

Today has been the opposite of exciting, and I'm glad for that.