July 13th, 2019


It's been a good weekend.

I had to tell myself today: it's Day 2 of your weekend, you're not actually missing work. If I had been, I'd've gotten a phone call early on going "Hey, where are you?!" So I'm good. More time off. Even if it's the same amount of time off I would've had this weekend no matter what.

I work Sundays-Thursdays. Friday and Saturday I have off. This is far from my most offbeat days-off schedule. In 2001 at the Vesta Call Center, I had Tuesdays off, then a three-hour shift Wednesday morning (6:30-9:30), then the rest of Wednesday and all of Thursday off. (For my last two years at Vesta, I got to have two-day weekends again. Then I got downsized and had A LOT OF DAYS OFF...uh, I digress.) Usually I'm used to my current schedule; I feel like, briefly today, I got un-used to it.

No, this doesn't mean that I felt like I slept soooooooooo lonnnnnnnng last night that it was as if I'd slept a full day. Though my dreams were...interesting. (NOT INTERESTING ENOUGH TO RECOUNT HERE.)

Anyway. Here's what I did:

Thursday night after work, I once again treated myself to thick, buttery-bottomed pizza from Assembly Brewing, where I talked to one of the staffers about Trek in the Park (I was wearing my 2012 "Journey to Babel" T-shirt). I had beer, too: I like that Assembly has eight-ounce cups for beer sampling. I had an amber then what the brewery calls a "LIVEPA." Then I walked home, satisfied and glad I'd started my weekend.

Friday was a "round, round, get around, I get around" day: first bussing to get a late breakfast from John's Café, the old-school diner in Old Town/Chinatown that I like to go to, then heading home to prepare for more travels. I drove, first to WinCo at SE 82nd and Powell — I wanted to sample it, as I don't shop there often — then to Gresham. Two reasons for that: I wanted to make a Fred Meyer purchase and there's a Freddy's in Gresham, and near that Freddy's is a Del Taco, and I like Del Taco. I parked at Freddy's, walked to Del Taco, ate, then walked back and shopped and hit the road. And because I wanted to do more driving, I took a roundabout way home: out Hwy. 26 to Clackamas-Boring Highway, then to Foster to head back to the house.

And Saturday (today!) was bathroom cleaning, followed by bussing to the Belmint library (briefly) and Beulah (not as briefly; they don't mind if I hang out), then walking back to Hawthorne Blvd. to take the 14 bus back.

The weather during all this? Niiiiice. Comfortable, mostly sunny or clear, a little breezy. I appreciate this.