July 25th, 2019

Whale fluke

I feel better.

Not really much to report from the rest of this week, when I wasn't blogging. I think — think — I've gotten some clarity in how to Deal With a certain situation at work. Gonna be vague there, sorry.

And vague here, too: you've likely guessed I like to avoid causing drama. I saw the potential to cause drama because the potential drama involved an article by somebody about whom I had this exchange (paraphrased):

ME TO A FRIEND: I think [that person] doesn't like me.
A FRIEND TO ME: I think most people think [that person] doesn't like them. I think [that person] doesn't remember most people.

Heh, again

If you can read this, you're fine.

If you can read this, you probably still need glasses. (Statistically, I mean.)

If ewes can read this, they're smarter than we think.