September 1st, 2019

Sally Salt Disgusted

Some days are...unsatisfying.

Today was an "off" day. Maybe it should have been an off day where I just called out of work, because I was awkward and the day was awkward. More than once I wanted to say, out loud, "Oh give me a break"...that or "Give me strength." Fear not, I didn't.

One thing I did say today: "I'm sorry, that was really rude of me."

Another thing I said today: "Don't run me over." (But that's a whole other story...)

Today was annoying from almost the start, thanks to a slower bus than usual. I got to the MAX platform just as the doors to my usual train closed, and I wouldn't have had a chance to get to the train and get the doors open before it left. So, I was late and had a short day. Also a day where...maybe I should tell that only on my Patreon.

(Kidding. Badly kidding. I don't have a Patreon.)

So. I made it home (no problems or accidents!) and I should be able to relax now.