September 7th, 2019

Admiral Ackbar

An easier day than expected

I had plans. Actual plans, plural, for today, possibly including a decent-length car trip to see family out in Dundee, but first I had stuff I wanted to do in-town. Library stop: check. Beulahland stop: check. But then, my body started telling me, "Um, me, maybe TAKE IT EASY TODAY." Because I felt on the verge of getting sick.

More subdued than earlier, I curtailed my plans and headed home. Since then: crackers, Cream of Chicken Cup-A-Soup, broth, more crackers, water, and reading and resting. Haven't decided yet if I'll be ready for work tomorrow, so I'll see. The main goal at the moment is DON'T GET SICK, but if I do, deal with it...