October 22nd, 2019


Are you in there, Blogging Brain?

...maybe it hasn't, as evidenced by my not posting here for seven days.

A big reason I haven't been blogging is that last week's work week was extra busy and, by my consent, extra long: I picked up a shift Friday. Saturday I more aggressively relaxed, if that is a thing: walking and bussing Portland, stopping at SE Foster's Carnelian Coffee, Central Library, the Waterfront, Saturday Market (briefly), and Beulah before heading home.

And last night I saw the last Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker trailer, and that has really stayed in my head. I'm resisting going over it frame-by-frame and instead just kind of let the Star Wars Feelings wash over me.

Blogging can beget blogging, and at least two entries are partly written, so: hi. With future Hi's to come.
Whale fluke

LJ Idol, Week 4: Impossible

“The impossible is possible...” — The Smashing Pumpkins, "Tonight, Tonight"

"Name's Imm. Imm Possible."

"That seems...unlikely."

"You just haven't tried."

"Um. Okay. Spelling?"

"I. Two M's. Last name Possible."

"Two M's?"

"One's silent."


"You're fine. It's a common mistake."

"And you are here for—?"

"Doing what you think can't be done."


"You're welcome. In advance."