December 5th, 2019


Poem thoughts that aren't poetic yet

I gave myself a deadline that I probably won't make. Whoa, that sounds portentous and ominous; I don't mean that at all. But I wanted to acknowledge it.

On Saturday will be a reception at Beulahland honoring Dana Thompson and her memory. On display at the bar/diner will be the poem I wrote as a way of dealing with Dana's loss. The deadline I gave myself recently was to finish my next poem by Saturday.

That poem's gone slowly. To be more honest, it's still just notes. Ideas that aren't yet quite connecting, let alone coalescing into a structure.

Without getting into what I think and hope the new poem's subject will be, some of those notes have more to do with what I don't want the poem to say. I write this badly, it could be incredibly smug, know-it-all and self-righteous. Hear about Chris Pratt's poem that lots of people took him to task for? I'm worried this poem of mine could wind up like that.

Still, knowing what you don't want a piece of writing to say is part of the process. I hope I can focus my thoughts in a worthwhile way, because I want to keep writing poems, to do them steadily.