December 21st, 2019

TNG Darmok

The door

I live in an older house. Probably 90-some years old, and no I'm not going to check on Zillow* to find the exact year it was built because I don't need to know the rest of the information Zillow has about this place, plus if I want to know the exact age I could just ask the owners. Still, it's been around for a while. And things have changed: at least one remodel, and parts-of-the-house-settling, and the repairs that are needed for any building over time.

Earlier this year, one particular door became surprisingly hard to open. It went from sticking a bit to feeling as if it were falling off its hinges. Plus it was reasonably heavy — heavier than typical for a door, or no? I'm not sure — so using it was more difficult. And we need to use that door a lot.

Then the owners got it repaired. And what had earlier been an awkward door to open then had been a difficult door to open just...slid...into place, fitting exactly and correctly. Which felt good. And which reminds me:

I sometimes forget that some things, plenty of things, are allowed to be easy. Or at least easier.

* Zillow was a work resource for me for the approximately year and a half I worked at CLEAResult, checking on houses of people who'd applied for Energy Trust of Oregon credit due to making their houses more energy-efficient. In other words, I know how to use Zillow.