January 11th, 2020

iAm iSaid

The Funds to Function

Holiday pay for three holidays. Overtime. Extra shifts here and there, including a five-hour shift yesterday morning. An actual bonus, for the first time at any job I've done.

In other words, I've been paid extra-well lately. That's a relief.

Today felt to me like a rare time of me trying to take full advantage of that. Something as simple as buying the next bottle of mouthwash maybe a week before my current bottle runs out instead of the day before it runs out. Buying more socks so that I have double-digit pairs of work socks again, instead of five usable pairs, which is what I got down to recently. Searching for my next electric toothbrush, but the store where I shopped today didn't have what I was looking for in stock.

And having cash. It helps knowing my wallet has cash. Better for small purchases, of course. Today, before I did the shopping I mentioned above, I first stopped at Beulah: picked up my framed Dana Thompson poem, then had a waffle and hash browns for 10 bucks. Later, after a drive to the west side of the Metro area, I treated myself to, well, treats at the Tigard Sesame Donuts. Cherry fritter, a blue-frosted doughnut with sprinkles, plus coffee. Then gas, which admittedly I put on my debit card, then the main shopping, again on my debit card.

I'll make bigger purchases soon, including a particular upcoming purchase Mom and Dad have helped pay for. But I can be better at letting myself make bigger purchases.