January 17th, 2020

Berthold Run






IT...okay I can stop shouting. Today, the start of my weekend and a day where I had the house to myself, I did a monthly assigned cleaning thing. But before I did, I hacked away at some cleaning I also needed to do in my bedroom. I had piles of piles. Now...I have some smaller piles, and s bed still covered from this morning when I started weeding out and sorting some things. So I have stuff still to do.

But I feel more organized. Including with my CDs: in the last few months I bought some more CDs (PHYSICAL MEDIA FOR THE WIN...wait, I don't have to yell) and I hadn't gotten around to shelving them, so I laid them out and figured out where on my two CD racks they'd go. Alphabetical order on those by film (for my film score rack) and by band/musician (for my other rack), and I made the holes in each rack to fit the new CDs. In fact, I realized I'd misfiled a couple of other CDs and properly re-filed them.

And now lots of paper is recycled, plus while going through that paper I found my last two bank statements and balanced my checkbook — I'm glad I know how to do that — and that meant I could recycle those bank statements too (with account numbers torn out and thrown away elsewhere so there's less of a chance someone can do fraud with those statements). Recently I inadvertently set my bank preferences to "no paper statements" and couldn't set it back, so I'll try that for now and see if I still keep my bank balance, well, balanced.

I want to call this "early spring cleaning," but to be fair this is more like "spring cleaning seven months late."
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Oh, and...

Recently I renewed my paid LiveJournal membership for two years.

I want to be here still. I want to be, still, blogging. It's a good habit for me.

See ya.
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Meanwhile (which can have its letters rearranged to spell "Heal me, win")

What's my past week been like, you may ask? Well:

Work. Including an extra shift a week ago Friday, then my regular Sunday-to-Thursday. Late in this week, I got the added challenge of fighting off a cold. Feels like I have, but it was touch-and-go, and the 30-something degrees plus rain we've had this week added to that challenge. Oh, I've been pushing fluids. Pushing. Pushing...

(I could have done some of my monthly house cleaning on Wednesday afternoon/night or Thursday afternoon/night, but I did not feel up for doing so. At least I slept well. Including having a dream one night of trying to get back to a diner to pay a bill I'd somehow not paid, and that diner was in a "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"-style theme park but one that was modeled partly on 1960s Star Trek; Dr. Daystrom was one of the people in the park.)

Really, there wasn't much more than that, the work. And my blogging brain wasn't kicking in, so, no entries for a week.

Next week should be a regular, typical work week. Maybe it'll be less overwhelming and tiring.