March 28th, 2020

I listen

Not much, today

I've rested. I've napped a bit. Otherwise, compared to yesterday, I've done little. Haven't done more room cleaning, which I spent a lot of Friday afternoon doing. Haven't walked yet, though I have time to do so. Some days are good rest days.

How am I? A little tired, a little sore. Not because of the paid work that I last did a week-and-a-half ago, so I wonder if it's my body expressing its stress. Otherwise, though, I'm OK. And watching to see if I stay OK.

I did get to watch a thing: my friend David Cornelius hosted a live Facebook stream this evening where he and a bunch of people talked about a film he wrote and directed, Inhumanwich!, a Fifties-style low-budget mobster movie about an astronaut who has an accident that radioactively melds him with the Sloppy Joe sandwich he was having for lunch in his space capsule, so he returns to Earth as a sentient meat blob that eats people. Really funny film (I saw it for the first time about a week ago), and it was neat hearing the people who made it reminisce. Here's the trailer:

Later I had dinner. Not a Sloppy Joe, but I used the remaining eggs I had and cooked them, I guess, over-hard (I could just as easily call them "eggs over messy"), plus cooked sausage. So, breakfast for dinner, plus the rest of the sausage can be part of breakfast the next couple of days.