March 31st, 2020


Feels like a treat

Wanting to get out and about — partly to breathe different air, partly to be out of someone's way while they did a big job — I drove today. First to a McDonald's to buy breakfast and, for my first time in over a week, coffee. (I'd initially wanted to go to the drive-thru at Super Deluxe, a relatively new local fast food place at SE 50th and Powell, but it's closed.) Then I drove to near the eastern landing of Tillikum Crossing, the newest bridge across the Willamette. I ate, drank, and thought, while appreciating the view. After eating and drinking, I got out of the car, a book in hand, and walked in the area, next to the building that houses Portland Opera, down to the dock where the retired U.S. Navy submarine Blueback is docked, and around OMSI. It started to drizzle, so I cut the walk short and got back to the car.

Portland's had quick waves of rain and at least one wave of hail today, though luckily I was back at the house by then.

I'd hoped to do another drive today — driving can help me and my equilibrium, honestly — but that'll be for an errand I can't do yet. Soon, though.

So. Finding feel-good things during...all this. Here's one. Neat author Catherynne M. Valente, who I learned of through Sooj Tucker, is reading each night from her early book The Orphan's Tales, which elegantly and beautifully sound like fairy tales but in oblique, surprising ways. Here is the YouTube copy of her reading tonight, the third reading she's done during quarantine.

Hoping this helps.