May 4th, 2020

Whale fluke


by Christopher Walsh, 5/4/2020

Oddly paused.
Raggedly wrapped in waiting and wondering and worrying
With more waiting
And more worrying
And (still, still) hoping,
Where possible (while still paused),
For the good, post-pause:
Post-pause improved odds
Bearable, manageable post-pause flaws
The sound of relieved post-pause hurrahs
And greetings — more than nods.
But, meanwhile, still, still: paused.

* * *

We are not paused in loss.
The world never is.
And, along with this,
The pause hasn't ended frauds
(Or clods)
That saw at, wound and break our common cause.
I feel I hear their imagined sarcastic guffaws
And want to yell at and command back, "Pause!"

* * *

While in this time which is raw
Stretched-out, slowed-down, paused
— paused —
There's more room, maddeningly, for unpaused thoughts
The what-now and the what-else and the what-more and the is-this-enough and, and, and
...wait. Breathe.
I can afford this pause.
A breath is a good kind of pause.
The chance to find the fuel to reach
The time which follows
This pause.

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