May 5th, 2020


Here: there's a Care.

A Care in the World
by Christopher Walsh, 5/5/2020

Look out! A Care in the world is around.
It escaped? It's let loose? Don't know; it's there.
Is it fast? Could be: unseen with no sound,
A Care could be near, but us? Unaware.
(Perhaps sensed by dogs; they bark to the sky
At seemingly random, buuuut maybe no)
That Care in the world seeks (yes?) to ally
With the right Care-ier: one apropos
Who handles care well, who can take the weight
Allowing the Care a chance to just rest
And letting this Care let them concentrate
On how they can care, and, then, do their best.
Each Care in the world seeks to rendezvous
With one who cares well. Perhaps that is you.

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