May 6th, 2020

Whale fluke


A pizza. One whole pizza.

I'd been wanting pizza; on my errand day on Friday, I'd bought a frozen pizza; today I let myself have that pizza as a late breakfast.

This is about as ambitious as I've been lately.

But maaaaaaan, that was satisfying.

* * *

I spent too much of Monday and Tuesday in the house. Only briefly went out Monday and didn't get out at all Tuesday. Today I did a quick morning visit to get a copy of Willamette Week from the nearest box; this evening, I did a decent-length walk. I didn't feel up for a really long walk, like my seven-mile one several weeks ago, but this was longer than I'd gone lately. I can always improve at that...

Monday and Tuesday were, for me, rather listless days. I feel good that both days I managed to get poems written, but both days could have been more productive.

* * *

Some movies lately. Finally saw and enjoyed 1992's Strictly Ballroom; I noticed how it seemed to be building towards one ending, then noticed the film was only half-done at that point so I knew it had more to do, and it did so nicely; I didn't expect it to play out the way it did. Afterward I found myself moving through the house slightly more gracefully and rhythmically. Two nights ago I watched 2017's The Founder, with Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the salesman who took McDonald's from a small chain to a national chain. (I knew the movie wouldn't, but I sort of hoped it would bring up Kroc's championing of the Hula Burger...) Solid film. I think I'd been missing Keaton; I hadn't seen him in anything in a while.

* * *

Are you taking care? I hope you are. The times: still strange...