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May 12th, 2020

Quiet days, lately

Since "taking it easy" is probably a good goal (and job description) for me currently, I've been sticking at home or close to home. I'll go out tomorrow, at least to get the latest Willamette Week — and maybe for other reasons, I'll see — but a lot of Saturday through today has involved me sitting in the padded rocking chair near the front window, reading, watching the neighborhood, and thinking.

It's nice that Mr. X, the house cat who joined us last year, has spent a decent amount of time these past few days in my lap. He's been chilling, as many cats are good at doing.

The main excitement lately was fictional. Yesterday I watched the 1973 action film Coffy, starring Pam Grier as a nurse hunting down the men who got her younger sister hooked on drugs. Damn good, satisfying film, and it pairs well with a book I'm reading, Reflections on Blaxploitation.

I'm watching my health. Some sneezing, but nothing else, which makes me think it's the air, not me, that's causing the sneezing. I'm also eating okay. Today, as a treat, I broke out the frozen mussels I bought a few months ago, before all this, and had them for early dinner. I would have eaten a similar meal or two (or five) while I was at Lincoln City in March, but sheltering in place was more important so I ate just what I brought to town plus the one quick meal I got at McDonald's once I'd arrived. Hey, at least I got a Filet-O-Fish that time, in the spirit of having seafood at the Coast...

So. Thinking's still happening, which means more writing will be happening. Yesterday I also started notes to what might be the next poem.

Take care, as well as you can. Be well, as much as you can.

Out-Of-Context Theater.

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