May 18th, 2020


Okay, THAT'S slightly cleaner

The rain came back. It always does eventually, this is Northwest Oregon. It never rained too heavily today, just steadily, and I've watched it from in here. Including this past hour, when clouds broke enough for subset light and colors to break through.

If I look in the same direction as the sunlight, I see my car. My car's had a fair amount of pollen dropped on it. Thanks, trees! You've been orgasming and money-shooting across many cars, which at least can't sneeze, but, still: pollen build-up.

Which inspired me just now to grab a couple of socks I no longer wear due to holes or such, get outside, shrug off the few drops of water still falling, and scrub a good amount of that pollen off, since it's a little easier when it's wet.

And doing so, I had a chance to look east-southeast and see the rainbow that we just got.

Now: back inside, warming back up and drying back up.