May 24th, 2020


Life finds a way

Seen on my morning walk:

• A message that I'd previously only seen half-finished, on the side of a building at SE 63rd and Foster: SURVIVING NEVER GOES OUTTA STYLE! I'd seen it before with just the last three words written, wondering what the rest of the message would be; if they'd it the other way first, for a while the message would only have been SURVIVING NEVER. That could have been misinterpreted.

• People on and south of Foster doing a decent job of giving other people space, though mask use was spotty. In the interest of keeping myself honest, I did take off my mask for several minutes while I was by myself, to have a slice of zucchini bread and a latte I'd gotten from Pieper Café.

• A bee. I was sitting on a decorative rock next to the Arleta School playground, and the bee came over to weeds nearby

• Small groups of people, probably family groups, either sitting on the schoolyard grass or walking and running their dogs. Each group kept a good distance from each other.

• Blue, partly cloudy skies.

• In those skies: two planes that had launched from PDX, which is more than I'd seen Friday while driving near PDX.

We're getting on. Safely, I hope.

Beam me up, Spotty

So the meme was to "ruin" a Star Trek character by changing one letter in their name, but...

...maybe something else would happen if you did? Let's change some names and see!


Harry Zim


Dr. Punaski

The Bort

Capt. Krude

Apex Rozhenko



Groppler Zork

Harcourt Fenton Pudd


Capt. Japeway (she jokes)

Worf, Ton Of Mogh


The Durag Sisters


Capt. Dorca

Untied Federation of Planets

Lumber One

Ensign Tiply