July 25th, 2020On this day in different years

Whale fluke

Non-Portland time

Friday was a road trip. Mom's suggestion. I drove to her and Dad's place in Dundee, then we drove out (in a nice new car) to Lincoln City. A brief visit. A careful visit. We parked at the D River Wayside, walked on the beach — a goodly number of people there, but generally well social-distanced, I'm glad to say — then had lunch sitting in a window at Kyllo's Seafood Grill. We were masked until we ate, as I try to be during all this when either outdoors or indoors in a store or restaurant.

After this, we briefly shopped for candy (you can still get saltwater taffy) then decided to head back. I got back to their place and briefly visited with Dad, who was back from his own doings, then I headed home via 99W and downtown Portland.

Today I could have done errands, but decided not to and to simply stay at home instead. Tomorrow can be an errands day.