September 17th, 2020

Good Omens

Care About Air

I am glad that where I live, I don't usually have to play the game "Is it fog or is it smog?"

This morning the air was thick. I figured it was best to assume it was from smoke. Not how I want to start my days. I still did a quick errand outside, to get a weekly paper, wondering exactly how bad the air was. (An open question for part of this morning, as a few area Air Quality Index sensors went down for a bit.)

But, happily, the skies here did get somewhat clearer this afternoon. I sat next to the front window for much of it, sometimes reading, part of the time watching the Steven Spielberg film version of Tintin. Didn't really connect with it, but the film had some neat visuals.

Parts of Oregon, south and west of me, have gotten rain. And thunderstorms, so we have to hope none of those bolts strike and start any more fires. And we continue to hope for more rain here.