October 15th, 2020

Flavored Calories.

Burger blog

Pub burger. Fries. A beer. Yes.

That's what I got at my last stop before getting back to the house this evening. I've been wanting a burger and fries: good burger and fries, more so than fast food burger and fries (which, yes, have their place). But where? I'd kept wondering that while out and about this afternoon, taking a bus to downtown then another bus to Bridge City Comics in North Portland and then walking over to the MAX Yellow Line to start heading home. (It was a warmish, comfortable day to be out and about, too.)

And I remembered that the corner bar a couple of blocks from the house where I live has, indeed, a pub burger, fries, and beer. And a two-person table on the sidewalk (near other, newer outside tables) where I could be mostly by myself while eating and reading. I read a bit from King of Comedy, Portland author Shawn Levy's 1996 biography of Jerry Lewis, by the way.