Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Wish I'd used this more...

Sometime in the past few years, since fall 2014 when I last used it, LiveJournal discontinued its Voice Post feature. I went to LJ looking for how I could do an audio version of my Tom Waits entry, and didn't spot how, and finally went into the FAQ to learn that you can't do it anymore. Oh, well. (So I did video, instead.)

I'd enjoyed doing these. Mostly, I would plan when I was about to record one, to avoid as much as possible "um"s and the silence of gathering thoughts. I wanted each Voice Post to be a performance, not a ramble. Plus there was no way to edit them, except by redoing them. So, scripted it was!

(I even had an idea for a voice post that I've yet to do: redoing the theme song to Friends as if the show had been given a gritty, post-apocalyptic reboot. All sinister-sounding and gravelly-voiced as I'd go "So: no one told you life was gonna be this way..." followed by scary sound effects...)

I'm not an actor, but I think that I have enough performer instincts to speak interestingly, at least. Voice Posts were one way of doing so.

I still have these, including one I'm particularly fond of about Optimus Prime singing. Plus I can still shoot video — and even edit them, at least the beginnings and ends of them (i.e. only what my tablet's camera tools provide; I don't have any additional video editing tools on it) — so, maybe, I could do that more.

You'll still hear me.

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