January 8th, 2021

TNG Darmok

Another Long-Walk Day

It had been several days since I'd done a substantial walk, and today was a good day for one so:

I got to

• Pieper Café on Foster: got hot chocolate and an egg-bacon panini.
• Up Foster to 50th, then side roads and sidewalks to Hawthorne.
• Down Hawthorne to Fred Meyer: I washed my hands because I needed to, went to the bathroom because I need to, then washed my hands again because, again, I needed to.
• Over to Belmont then up to Morrison, along the south side of Lone Fir Cemetery.
• Zig-zagging around the area near Revolution Hall, a converted high school that was (and will be after the pandemic) a performance venue, and remains a large-yard space to run dogs.
• Going over to then up Grand, one of the major north-running roads in the Central Eastside.
• Getting a drink (caffeinated this time) from the NE Grand Dutch Bros., a drink I drank in the plaza at Metro Headquarters.
• Zig-zagging again, this time to Lloyd Center, the longtime Central Eastside mall, one of the first malls ever in fact. Which is a sparse mall with not too many people visiting and with several stores that are closing.
• Boarding the Green Line MAX (by the way, I've been masked this whole time, except when by myself eating or drinking) to ride to the Foster Road/Lents station about 30 blocks from where I live; I waited for the bus home while walking up and down the station stairs for a bit.

There. Substantial walk, done.