January 20th, 2021

Whale fluke


by Christopher Walsh, 1/20/2021

Take comfort in green,
A life-color,
From light which plants/ grass/ trees
Took in and swallowed and used for growth
For health
For gripping more strongly into the soil
And feeding on the water there,
The water eventually there.
Nature gives us green,
In living moss which cracks open rocks
In soldier-weeds between pieces of pavement
In leaves framing riots of other colors (on flowers, you see)
In rain forests both temperate and tropical
In what are loftily called "evergreens"
And in more.
Green supports.
It soothes.
It's one way nature can be vivid, bright
And showy
On its own terms.

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TNG Darmok


Something good happened today.

Nothing terrible happened today.

Both of these statements are about the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris.

I heard a story that earlier today, a public school staffer allegedly told a history teacher not to show students a live feed of the inauguration, in case something terrible happened. And only two weeks — two long-seeming weeks, but two weeks — after the actual terrorist attack which stormed the very Capitol Building where the inauguration took place, this was not an unreasonable worry. We've heard of schools showing the space shuttle Challenger launch in 1986; what if a horrifying historic event happened today on live television, too?

But, from all signs, the precautions — small crowds, vigilant law enforcement officers and military troops, vetting to be sure people working the event were not posting in QAnon forums — worked. The inauguration was peaceful.

And the inauguration was lovely. Speeches tinged with relief and hope: we've been through so much, but we can do better and get better from here. Longtime friends and colleagues fist-bumping each other. A poem, written and performed by 22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman, which made me tear up. Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez singing in ways both epic and intimate. Blue skies giving brightness to all of the people on that stage.

Our new President and our new Vice-President are sworn in. They have a grasp of the enormity of the job ahead of them, and want to do that job as well as they can. They got to this point safely, finally.

What else can be good from here? And what else can be not-terrible?