January 29th, 2021

Star Wars - Fly away...

A Coming Adjustment

Y'all, I like driving.

Soon I'll be doing less of it.

There's some dotting-of-i's-and-crossing-of-t's to do beforehand, but I'll be donating my black 1998 Honda Civic to Habitat for Humanity, one of many organizations that take donated cars and either fix them or part them out to raise money.

I've had that Civic since 2008, replacing the 1988 Accord hatchback I'd used in my Hermiston, Oregon newspaper job and my first several years in Portland. That Civic has been through a lot, including (grr) being stolen twice, in mid-2019 and February 2020. Mid-last year, I found some damage: the muffler was partly broken off. I learned this when I went over a speed bump too fast and the muffler bounced, enough to make me pull over and see. I was a little amazed I hadn't scraped it or, worse, dropped it in all of my driving since getting it back. Which, you'll remember, included a nearly 200-mile round trip to Lincoln City last March.

The car has other issues, too, and they added up to where fixing them would very likely cost more than the car is worth. And It probably wouldn't pass DEQ (the emissions testing we do in Oregon), so I can't renew its tags.

Mea culpa: I drove the car for too long following my discovery of the muffler. I kept justifying the trips, then I at least drove carefully, but what if one of those "just one more" trips ended with something going wrong? At most, in the past two weeks, I've driven it a few blocks just to make sure it's running. (I did that Tuesday, and was tempted to go to a drive-thru. But, again, there's the justifying.)

So. This solves some problems. Plus I'm in decent circumstances for going carless for now. I have the means to use mass transit (or in some cases, just walk); yesterday I specifically did a grocery shopping trip by bus, to remind myself I could. I may borrow (or rent!) if needed, even.

And soon, the Civic won't be sitting around outside, maybe looking like it's abandoned.