February 15th, 2021

Whale fluke

Adventures in having no power or heat

I had good reasons not to leave the house today: 1) snow, 2) ice, 3) I didn't have to leave, and

4) being out would h

...yeah, tailed off, didn't it? That's because last night around 10:00, while I was posting, the house lost power. Didn't get it back until after 3:00 this afternoon. That's 17 hours powerless. Um.

Er, things could have been worse. But it was a frustrating time, and I'm relieved we're (so far!) out of it.

Item 4 in that list above was going to be "being out would have taken me farther from a bathroom," because for much of...Sunday, yeah, Sunday (I had to check just now), I was dealing with diarrhea. No fever, so as far as I know it wasn't COVID, but still I had stuff coming out from there that usually doesn't come out from there. So I rested, had water, read in bed, went to the bathroom, had more water (didn't want to dehydrate), rested, read in bed, and so on. At least I was past it by the time that all the lights went out. (I'd even already brushed my teeth for the night before the lights went out.) So for much of those 17 powerless hours, I was asleep or resting.

Strange dreams, even for me, but I won't go there this time. Didn't help that branches were cracking and falling during the night and into this morning; the neighbor's house had some gutter damage from a tree, but house-wise that was the worst damage, and this house is fine.

Today, I slept in, because that's a good way to keep warm. Didn't eat much and limited my food intake to stuff in cabinets, so I wouldn't be opening the fridge and letting out cold. I got slightly online using my cell phone (I really only go to one website on it, and it's not this one, or Facebook), to know a little bit about the outside world, plus I messaged a few people. All of us in the house read (except the cat, 'cause cats don't read) and occupied ourselves. We also gathered up the available candles and flashlights, in case we were dark once it got dark.

Getting power back was fairly undramatic. Around 3:10 I was reading in my rocking chair at the living room's front window and didn't even notice that a living room lamp was on. One of the housemates had to say something. I looked up and was all "Oh. Oh!" We commenced resetting things and getting conditions a little more normal.

And our experience was not nearly as bad as what many people in the Portland area have had because of this storm. I heard 240,000 people lost power [Tuesday morning update: 330,000 people], in a three-county area with 1.8 million people; that's a good fraction. Some people have been without power since Saturday at least. (Someone said it got cold enough in their house that they could see their breath. The lowest I saw us get was 58°F.) Crews are having to do a lot of line repair work.

As for me, my mood is odd. I still feel a little unsettled, a little frustrated, and a little sad. I was getting bored and cranky. Only so much I could about it. But now things are better. Let it get better for more people.

Meanwhile, I've had dinner. Cheesy grits. I wanted something warm, filling, and comforting.